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Technology Leadership

We take pride in helping our clients understand how they can achieve more from their existing IT investments and partnerships. Draw on our years of experience with companies large and small to develop an information technology strategy built around your strategic goals, be it acquisitions, cost reduction, ownership exit or otherwise.


The wide range of software and infrastructure options available in the marketplace allow businesses to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy secure, scalable, and affordable solutions like never before. We can help you navigate the options and start putting them to use.

Cloud Solutions
Mobile Workforce Solutions

Digital communication with your mobile workforce and the customers they serve plays a key role in billing accuracy and labor efficiency. Covalence has partnered with Field2Base, an enterprise level software company with award winning solutions in the area of Mobile Data Capture & Delivery and Forms Automation.  Field2Base solutions enable rapid data capture in the field as well as complete integration with current IT systems in the back office. Let us show you how we can quickly deploy the capabilities that exactly meet your needs and quickly integrate them with your existing processes and systems.

Software Selection

Choosing the right software on which to run your business can make the difference between an easy implementation with a rapid ROI and a waste of time and money. Working with a trusted advisor to scan the market and evaluate vendor solutions greatly increases your odds of success in this stage. Covalence has led many software selection projects, drawing out the requirements of the impacted business areas and working closely with client personnel to determine the best possible solution to fit current and future needs.


Aligning business processes with today's packaged software solutions is one of the biggest keys to efficient and successful software implementation. Deciding whether and what to customize is another key. Covalence has many years of experience leading complex software implementations in a variety of settings, and we can help you balance these considerations to achieve a cost-effective solution that meets the needs of your business.

Software Implementation
Software Integration

Implementing new systems frequently requires some level of integration between new and existing systems. In fact, failure to properly plan for and build the required integration can leave many desired features out of reach. We have extensive experience integrating software to ensure that your data is utilized and shared between related systems, minimizing redundant data entry.


Today, even small companies are sitting on data spanning many years from all areas of their business, from marketing to sales to cost of goods sold, and few have truly put this information to work. Let us show you how we have helped clients rapidly deploy easy-to-use BI reporting tools to move from always explaining the last quarter to accurately predicting and improving the next..

Business Intelligence
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